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4hr Precision Rifle Class

4 hr Precision Rifle Class


Give Shooters the tools to effectively engage in targets with a

precision rifle systems and optics out to 1000 yards,

Day 1:

• Fundamental Evaluation

• Overview of the fundamentals of Marksmanship

• Introduction to optics

• Rifle setup

• Scope set up – level, eye relief and adjusting parallax

• Introduction to ballistics

• Ballistic software Hornady 4DOF / TRSAOL

• Body position and trigger control

• Zero / Grouping exercise

• Chronograph use

• True ballistics systems for muzzle velocity

• Target engagements 1000 yards

• Weapons cleaning

Student needs to bring at least 40 rounds of ammunition. 

Dorgan 1.jpg
Dorgan 1.jpg


$400.00 up to 4 students. 

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This class is perfect for Hunters and individuals wanting to get into long distance shooting competition. 

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